Information about DRI_EV


Drive Electric , Share Electric...

Car ownership has always been considered as one’s of life’s expectations. But things are starting to change and people are beginning to question the need to own a car when they can access someone else’s when it is not being used.

With this in mind and on the back of our established and successful electric vehicle only car rental service, we launched UK’s first Tesla car share scheme in 2016. Aimed initially at the owners of the game changing Tesla Model S and Model X, we are now pleased to offer owners of electric vehicles a chance to earn extra money whilst their car is not being used.

This was initially only available for cars owners located near our hubs Reigate (South East& London), Hinckley (Midlands), Cheltenham and Bristol (South West) as well as Newport (Wales). We however are now expanding that with an option where owners can list their car directly on this platform ( this new option means you also get to know who the user is and can accept or refuse a request for your car on that basis). 

The proposition is 3F EV / DRi -EV: 
1) utilises your car on an on-demand basis either via our hubs where we manage the fulfilment and customer engagement or 
2) you can process the handover directly but by following our strict protocols which are in place to ensure all due process is followed to keep your asset secure. 

The financial model is pretty simple in that you walk away with 70% of the rental value. Our fees cover insurance and Administration of the platform. 

1. What parts of the country do you cover?
3F EV /DRI EVcurrently have 5 hubs Bristol, Cheltenham, Reigate, Hinckley & Newport with the intention to expand both in the UK and abroad.
2. Does my car need to be always available?
Absolutely not. You are in charge of your car’s availability. It is important to update the availability of your car on the platform website. No problem if you don't or if something comes up though, you can always respond to the person who has contacted you to say the car is not available. 

3. Who processes the booking and the payment?
3F EV will do all the administration and handle the booking process. 3F EV will process the payment and transfer your earnings into your bank account.  If the location is closer to you then you will just deal with the handover.
4. Who does the handover? What are my responsibilities?
We handle everything. You can do the handover yourself once you are 3F EV have trained or you can opt to have 3F EV handle everything. If you wanted 3F EV to fulfil you will need to deliver the car to our nearest hub
5. What about the insurance?
We will put your car under our comprehensive fleet insurance during the rental period.
6. What about damage?
For each rental we take credit card details to cover the excess value of the car. Any damage will be covered out of the excess taken from the hirer. Where the damage exceeds the excess value, our insurance will kick in to the full market value of your car.
7. How many bookings will I get?
We can’t offer any guarantee of earning potential but as fewer and fewer people own cars especially in the cities the demand is already growing. Certain times of the year are very busy and 3FEV gets a lot of repeat business.
8. Do you have a question we have not answered? Drop us a line as and a member of our exceptional team will get back to you!